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8 Feb 2014
By Holly Teliska, SFGate

Wanted – women with vision to seek office

The first debate in the race for Assembly member Tom Ammiano's District 17 seat was held last month and it was a disappointment. Attitude trumped substance. Also lacking was a female candidate - just as there were none in the 2012 election for the westside Assembly District 19 seat. A woman's perspective is missing from the public debate and from San Francisco's legislative delegation. This ... READ MORE

4 Sep 2013
By Patrick McGreevy, Los Angeles Times

State lawmakers shelve several bills for cost, including welfare boost

SACRAMENTO -- State lawmakers on Friday shelved dozens of bills for the year because of their high cost, including a measure that would have allowed families on welfare to get additional aid if they continue to have more children. Current law prohibits an increase in CalWORKs aid based on the birth of an additional child, if the family has received assistance for at least 10 months ... READ MORE

31 Aug 2013
By Nick Miller, newsreview.com

Will California lawmakers repeal a policy that requires poor welfare mothers to prove they’ve been raped in order to receive aid for a newborn?

Holly Mitchell’s Assembly Bill 271 goes to Senate Appropriations at Sacramento’s Capitol this week. This week at the Capitol, lawmakers will either get rid of a decades-old law that denies welfare benefits to California’s poorest families if they give birth to additional children, or uphold what some say is a draconian policy that violates low-income women’s rights. As it stands, a Republican law passed nearly 20 years ... READ MORE

31 Aug 2013
By Tracy A. Weitz and Sierra Harris, The Sacramento Bee

Viewpoints: Two bills — AB 271 & AB 154 – would protect health of women and children

As Californians, we all want the best future for our state’s children. This requires that we act in ways that help families and communities thrive and to avoid touting disingenuous support for children and women’s health. Unfortunately, last week we saw the latter on full display during a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing for two interconnected but separate bills, Assembly Bills 154 and 271. AB154, by Assemblywoman ... READ MORE

13 Aug 2013
From the Campaign

CA Faculty Assoc. and SEIU-CA Join AFSCME, CSEA-Schools, IATSE, UNAC/UHP and Building Trades in Endorsing Mitchell for Senate

On Monday, the unions representing 700,000 social workers, nurses, classroom aides, state workers, security officers, home care workers, janitors, and public and private sector workers and 23,000 California State University professors, lecturers, librarians, counselors and coaches endorsed Holly Mitchell for Senate. “Assemblymember Mitchell has been an unwavering ally in the fight to protect vital social services and restore critical funding to education, healthcare and safety net ... READ MORE