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Human Rights Leaders Dolores Huerta and Rev. James Lawson Jr. Endorse Holly Mitchell for Los Angeles County Supervisor

LOS ANGELES, CA – Prominent labor and human rights leaders, Dolores Huerta and Rev. James Lawson Jr., place their trust in Senator Holly J. Mitchell to continue fighting for progressive values and serving in the best interest of Los Angeles County residents as County Supervisor.

Dolores Huerta, one of the foremost leaders in the labor and women’s rights movement, known for co-founding United Farm Workers shared; “Holly understands the importance of protecting the rights and dignity of all communities. Throughout her career as an advocate and legislator, she has always stood for LGBTQ rights, organized labor, working families, immigrants and children. This is why I am standing with Holly for Los Angeles County Supervisor.”

Huerta went on discuss the importance of the board of supervisors in shaping the destiny of the county and why Holly Mitchell is best suited to share this responsibility. “The decisions facing the board of supervisors require decision makers rooted in what is best for the people. Holly's unwavering principals and leadership will ensure that the true needs of county residents remain at the forefront."

Holly Mitchell is a fellow lifelong advocate for equality and protecting the advancements of the labor and civil rights movements. Her work has been recognized and celebrated by many labor and activist groups. For the past two years she has received a perfect legislative score from the California Federation of Labor, Equality California, the Courage Campaign and United Domestic Workers. Most recently, Mitchell was honored by the Teamsters National Black Caucus with the labor solidarity award.

Rev. James Lawson Jr., a champion for non-violence and former advisor to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said; “Holly Mitchell is one of our finest illustrations of an elected official. She is profoundly committed to the United States philosophical notion of democracy for all. Her record demonstrates an enduring struggle to dismantle the injustices of our history and to achieve equality, liberty, and access for every boy and girl in Los Angeles County and throughout California. She deserves the wholehearted support of every citizen who wants a more fair and just state for all.”

“Dolores Huerta and Rev. James Lawson Jr. are living legends who have been on the front lines of labor and civil rights battles that have fundamentally changed our society for the better. It is a privilege to work alongside these leaders in helping to ensure that the progress we have achieved continues to expand and evolve for future generations in Los Angeles county and across our great state.” - Holly J. Mitchell.

Holly J. Mitchell is a State Senator representing California’s 30th District, she will be on the 2020 ballot to represent District 2 on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. To learn more visit

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